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Digesto is changing the way people consume news. We are artificially intelligent news.

Skip the fluff and let's get straight to the point, we give you 3-5 sentence summaries that tell you everything you need to know. Want more still? We provide quick access, one tap away, to the best reporting on earth from the Associated Press to the Wall Street Journal.

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The Screenshots

How does the AI work?

AI & How We Use It

Imagine you have a big box of LEGO bricks. Each LEGO brick is a tiny piece of news - like a story about a new toy or a fun game. Now, we want to build different sets out of these LEGO bricks. Each set is a big story made up of smaller news stories that are similar, like all the stories about playing at the park go together, and all the stories about ice cream flavors go into another set.

We do all this carefully and make sure we have at least 12 different sets (stories) to show, each with its own special name, story, where it happened, and a little tag that tells us which LEGO bricks (articles) we used to build it. And we keep our sets in a big box (in a special format) so we can share them with others easily!

PS, all of our AI generated stories are open source and available in an API!

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